Winter Style Tips for Men

Winter Style Tips for Men

The winter is right around the corner. That means it’s time for men to start dressing sharp and smart for the cold weather. Here are several winter style tips that might help:

Stay Warm and Stylish with Outer Layers

In the winter, it’s a frustrating struggle to match style is the need to stay warm. This is even more difficult when you have to wear a suit for the office. An overcoat may not always keep you warm. When that’s the case, don’t hesitate to wear a roomy puffa jacket over your overcoat. It won’t make you look like a complete fashion noob. It’s stylish as well practical. You can also consider wearing a parka (with a faux fur collar) or a duffle coat for warmth in the season. You can choose bold colours if you like. You can match colours when you shop for men’s suits online for convenience.

Drape Overcoats

You should buy properly fitting overcoats. But you don’t have to always wear them. Want to look cool? Drape your overcoat over the inner layers casually when not walking long distances. You can pair a good overcoat with shirts and jeans too, with trainers for shoes.

Don’t Always Match Inner and Outer Layers

It’s common for men to match inner and outer layers of clothing. Rather, try complementing the two layers; instead of playing match the colour. It will make the overall outfit stand out. For example, you can match coloured inner layers with simple black outer layers, or vice versa.

Rethink the Middle Layers

Do you still wear knitted jumpers or sweatshirts with your smart casual outfits? It’s perfectly okay to break this cardinal rule. Try crew neck sweaters or cashmere to improve your overall look and stand out from the crowd.


Accessorizing is often a forbidden word for stylish men. Who wants to get caught wearing a knitted beanie or a coloured scarf? It’s really time to rethink accessories as well. You may really need that scarf for a cold windy day. So, don’t shun it. You can buy fashionable scarfs and other accessories that match your outfits really well. It’s perfectly fine to wear leggings too. There are many brands that offer leggings for men that won’t threaten your masculinity.

Invest in Winter Boots

No outfit is complete without the footwear. It’s the winter, so you will need a sturdy and durable pair of boots. In addition to practical concerns, make sure the footwear you buy is stylish. Acceptable winter boots include trainer hybrids, shoes with lug soles, and special winter boots.

Avoid Bright Clothing Items

Some winter outfit parts come in bright colours. As a rule of thumb, avoid these garish shades. Bright colours are for the summer. In the winter months, stick to light and dark shades. Blue is a really nice colour for the season.

Finish off With Shades

Men don’t really want to wear sunglasses in winter. But if snow glare is a real concern, you can wear a pair of shades. Just make sure you are not wearing sunglasses made just for the summer with thin, wiry frames. Buy snow glare glasses made for hikers and skiers.

When shopping, always choose items that match your fit. If your winter fashion clothes are over three years old, buy a new wardrobe if you can afford it. It will be worth it.

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