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Writing the Best Cover Letter

Most job seeker gets tripped up when they are faced with the task of writing a cover letter. The primary reason why most people find it such a daunting and difficult task is because a tad more creativity is needed for composing a cover letter rather than making a resume. After all, a cover letter is just another term for a marketing letter in which you are marketing yourself. If you are interested in creating the best cover letter, you should be aware of the type of information that should be included in it and how it should be organized. Bear in mind that a cover letter should have four paragraphs. Read on to find out how you can write the best cover letter for your resume.

The following information should be included at the top left of the page, which is related to the company and person to whom the cover letter is being sent:

  • Date
  • Name of employer
  • Title of employer
  • Name of company
  • Address

The cover letter should be addressed in the following ways:

  • The letter should be addressed as ‘Dear Name’, if you have the name of the specific person who will read the letter.
  • The letter should be addressed as ‘Dear Hiring Manager/ Human Resource Representative/ Company Representative, when you don’t have the name of the person to whom the letter is being sent.

Now, begin the first paragraph, in which you write the name of the position you are interested in. State where you found the job opening. If an existing employee of the firm mentioned it, don’t forget to provide the name. Mention that you are attaching/enclosing your resume. Mention several of your qualifications in the second paragraph, which are good for the position. This doesn’t mean that you list all your qualifications; leave some for the resume and only shed light on a couple. Don’t forget to mention it if you have past experiences similar to this job.

Any requirements that were mentioned in the job ad should be addressed in the third paragraph. For instance, if relocation is not included, mention that you will be moving to the area either way. If the posting requires local candidates, you can mention that you have been part of the local community for a while. The fourth paragraph is where your cover letter will end. In it you can ask for an interview and mention that you will be looking forward to hearing a reply soon. While in some cases it may be a good idea to mention the times you are available, it should be adjusted for every job. For some positions, employers are too busy so it is best to let them pick the time. Finally, thank them for considering you as a candidate and giving you time.

Close your letter with the following signature:


Typed Name

You can customize the cover letter according to the job posting rather than creating a generic one and sending it to all job positions you may apply to.

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