Zayn Malik Has Left 1-Direction But Not Music Industry

Zayn Malik Has Left 1-Direction But Not Music Industry

A lot happened to Zayn Malik in the past month. His pictures with some unknown girls were shared on social media and he was accused of cheating with his fiancée Perrie. In those pictures he’s looking quite intimate with some other girl. This was a big shock for Zayn. Hate comments started to roll into his online social networking accounts. He felt the heat and decided that he wanted some time off. He took some time off and it was being said that he will not be with the band for some tours. It turned out he left the band for good.

He tried to explain his position and said he was not cheating with his fiancée and after spending some days with her he said he was more in control of his life. He said his fiancée was very supportive. Now that Zayn had left the band his fans were anticipating him to go solo. There were no strong signs that he would but after looking at some facts here and there it is quite likely that he might start his career as a solo artist. Produced, Naughty Boy, has shared a track with people in which there’s only Zayn singing.

It was said that this particular song was supposed to be tested for being worthy of going on 1-D video. However, people have guessed that this might be a sign that Zayn is going to become a solo artist. Not to mention he is only 22 years of age right now so he has a long life ahead of him to make a career in music. Furthermore, he was also one of the most impressive “vocals” on the band with highest range. Zayn always wanted to be creative and many of the band’s videos showed that quality in him.

Naughty Boy and Zayn have worked together and the chemistry between them is strong enough to take a shot at working together for a solo album. Zayn’s creativity can be seen from the fact that he wanted to learn and experiment with rap too. Some think Zayn left the band because he didn’t think the band was cool enough for him. A 1-D book was described as being girly and un-cool by him in a video that was shared on social media. Perhaps he wanted to do something solo so he could experiment with his talents and skills.

It must also not go without mentioning that it’s Simon Cowell who has the band signed with his record label. Simon Cowell has not let Zayn go off his record label. Zayn is still on the roster of Mr. Simon Cowell and if there is any truth in that we can expect Zayn to appear soon as a solo artist. Furthermore, if Simon Cowell is working on his solo projects we can definitely wait for something different, striking and worthwhile to come from him. Different people have different opinions about what he is going to do next after he has left the band.

If he does not choose to work with Simon Cowell, will he still work with Naughty Boy to take a shot at solo career? Or is it going to happen the way he has described in his social network posts. He said he just wants to live life like a normal 22-year old guy does. From this we would say that he will not appear on music scene again, but that’s one hard thing to say. It’s hard to say because first, it is not that easy to abandon all the fame and respect and second, he’s constantly in touch with media and his fans, talking to them about his recent life.

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